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The People Power Marketing Technique

people power marketing

The People Power Marketing Technique

Everyone on Social Media, Instagram in particular, is dying to get followers. It’s like the more people in your circle, the more fulfilled you are right? I see.

Celebrities even pride in how many followers they have. And of course, they are continuously committed to keeping them. They try as much as they can to keep posting about how good their lives are. But believe it or not – it’s all mostly show business.

If I may ask, how many followers do you have on your Instagram account? How about Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snap chat and others? Of course, if you’re pretty then you’re lucky. This is because over the years, the trend seems to favour pretty people more. That’s true right – I bet it is.

Well, I must say that this post is not about celebrating the culture of followership on social media. Instead, it’s about all the positivity that could come from it. So, let’s dive in and nail the People Power Marketing Technic right away.

First, what’s Social Media got to do with the People Power Marketing Technique?

I’m sure you have your guesses already but I’ll try not to sound like you expect. So, I’ll start this way. Recently I saw a video – it was one of Neil Patel’s videos on SEO actually.

Among the plenty useful things that he spoke about regarding SEO, there was one that has since got me thinking and asking myself lots of questions. Questions like: why aren’t every lady on Social Media marketing something?

I mean, it’ll be a piece of cake for them the way I look at it. Or should I be asking this instead – why aren’t everyone who is a people person harnessing the free gift of friendship?

I don’t mean to confuse you by the way. But I know you probably are expecting to read some expository marketing tips but just wait a second. I will soon get to the promised juice.

The point with Patel’s video that I keep holding on to is very unique. He spoke about a man who announced on his twitter account that he needed all his followers to do something for him.

What was that – you may ask? Well, it was so simple yet very helpful on something the man was trying to market. He simply asked that his followers use a little of their data to help him rule the world and they did!

When I say rule the world, trust me, it’s contextual. You see, when it comes to SERP (Search Engine Result Page), if you are up, then you are king. Since you are reading about marketing, I’ll like to assume that you know about SERP and SEO. So, I won’t try to explain them. But what I want to focus on is this: what would have taken lot of days and effort to achieve, many people achieved it within minutes.

What I mean is this: the man needed to rank a post he had created as number one on Google. So, he asked his followers to search on Google. Then, visit any page ranking first for the keyword his post needed to rank for. But after loading the page, they should hit the back button and return to the SERP. Then scroll till they find his own post, click on it and then stay on it for like 4 minutes or more. By so doing, Google got the signa it needed. His post appeared to Google as better and in no time, he got to the number one spot.

So, what is the point with people marketing really?

The point is actually very simple!

With plenty people who care in your social media circle of friends, you can market anything and sell!

I use the word care because, not all of them really need to buy. All that you mostly need is that they care. Because when they care, you can easily tell them to follow your business page. Of course, they will even if they don’t care much. But what’s different is that they will interact with the page.

They will like your posts, share and give nice comments or reviews. And when others see how positive people are about your products or services, they become more encouraged to patronize you. And of course, if you are the type that needs traffic on your website, can you imagine? You just got the help you need.

Importantly also, when it is in their power to buy, they will buy. And of course, when they can’t, but could recommend you, they will.

The danger of having people around you who don’t care about you or what you do is grievous.

First, they end up being not conscious of what you do. Secondly, they can’t recommend you because they are clearly unconscious about what you do. This is why a friend who knows you bake cakes would buy a cake from someone else for his or her birthday. And then, remembers that you bake only later, probably when you show up for his party and remind him. What’s worse sometimes is even the fact that the cake he or she bought is way poor in quality compared to what you would have done.

To be clear, getting people to care or become aware or conscious about you or your business is not about how often you post. You could post a million times a day and many would still not care. All they’ll do is pass by and not even like or comment. And when there are no interactions with your post, it wastes your effort.

But, does the people power marketing ideology work all the time?

Well, if I were to be honest, I’ll say most likely not. But can it work? Then, I’ll say yes! Personally, I am a fan of quality over quantity. Even as a website designer, I wouldn’t put up all my works on my website. Because, sometimes, the client’s ideas are not the most interesting but they have to be what is implemented. So, in the end, I’m not too happy with the look and feel but since that’s what was demanded, well, that’s what it is. What I wouldn’t do however, is choose to put up such projects because I want a big portfolio to show off. That for me is choosing quantity over quality!

Now, that is the problem with the people power marketing methodology. Many people have a big number of followers on social media. But they are just numbers – quantity and not quality friends. It’s the same for business pages on social media as well. So many followers but with little to no interest at all in what the business does. This is why a business page or person on social media will post a thing and get 2 likes and no comments. I mean social media accounts with thousands or hundreds of followers by the way.

For me, numbers that don’t translate into benefits aren’t good enough! Social media followers’ numbers are not health if they are just for show. They’ve got to bring benefits!

How can people power marketing work?

I’ll say you’ve got to make it work! Since what you need are quality friends and not quantity, then just go get it! Does it require work? Of course, it sure does.

The number does not matter as much as the usefulness. That they follow you and yet care less about what you post is not useful. What you need is for them to rise up for you when you call. With that, they’ll need good reasons not to walk away.

You need to relate with everyone you can in your circle of social friends. You need to interact with the things they post as well and not just pass by. Everyone, if possible that you are connected with needs to feel like they know you. Like you care, like they matter. A simple like, a simple emoji or short comment offered consistently would mean a lot. And then, when the need calls for them to care about what you’re trying to market or tell someone about it, they will.

This may not apply to celebrity though – because they practically don’t need it. They already give back to people by what they do; music, acting, comedy, etc. And that is the point – they are giving something, which is all everyone wants – to get something. Some of them even give money sometimes or help others.

And that is what the People Power Marketing is all about. Give something to your followers. Make them feel you. Like the things they post, comment if you must. Respond to their comments on your post. Interact with them. And each time you need them, they will be there. May be not all but many!

Do drop your comment and let me know what you think. Cheers!

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